Permanent Makeup & Microblading | What You Need to Know

In this week’s Beauty Tips Forum, we are introducing a list of medical conditions that might make “microblading” wrong for some women.

The idea of using a technique called “microblading” to create a form of permanent makeup is much in vogue.Having Eyebrows done as permanent makeup  is certainly all the rage.  The trend seem to be forever changing from thin, thick high arch , to no arch dark in color or natural. The fashion industry is promoting the newest and latest and women of all ages want to recreate the top looks for themselves.

Why the evolution of “permanent makeup?  Makeup can be a regular necessity for many women today.  That said, we all know how time consuming this can be be time consuming and often difficult for many to get done in a qualiyt & timely fashion.

Permanent makeup is one viable option however many people are afraid of the permanent or semi-permanent nature of a microblading commitment.  Others have concerns over the procedure’s medical basis and perceived discomfort and so that will never be an option.

The professional approach we take at Toolbox Studio Salon is to communicate all the pros & cons of the latest trends.  Permanent makeup using microblading is no exception.

In order to help you understand what is required, our Forum’s subject touches on top level medical conditions that must be considered to determine if you are or ARE NOT a candidate for permanent makeup.

You may benefit further by taking a look at our recent article on the subject… Permanent Makeup with Microblading

Heather Cooper

Heather Cooper

Heather has extensive experience having worked in various salons and spas in Ohio and Indiana focusing on skin care, manicuring-pedicuring, makeup and many other spa services and treatments.

She is a master manicurist with Creative Nail design and certified with OPI Nail Products as well as certified in Bio-elements skin care and techniques. She is Wedding Wire rated for Bridal Makeup. Contact Toolbox Studio Salon, 2037 Madison Rd. Cincinnati, Ohio 45208. Lower level in O'Bryonville
Heather Cooper
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