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Makeup Services How to Create Your Ideal Make-up

Makeup is not just for the wedding day. Many woman never learned how to properly apply makeup well it’s not too late. Toolboxmakeup can assist you in not only proper application but also what products to buy. Understanding color is so important and the average person does not truly know what colors look best on them.    Once you have a foundation that matches your skin tone you can begin the process of building the end look you desire.   Applying Air Brush Makeup
Many women over 35 are starting to show the “early” signs of aging and this too can cause a problem when heading to the makeup counter. I can show you how to contour, highlight and conceal and with just a few quick steps you will be your own master makeup artist at home.

See what Web MD has to say about Makeup & Aging

“Whether it’s a new white hair or a brand-new wrinkle, the earliest signs of aging have a major impact on our self-confidence.” “It’s our biological wiring,” says David Sarwer, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Human Appearance. “People want to look like they’re viable romantic or sexual partners, and fertility is at its peak from the late teens to mid-20s.” “Extreme as it is to think of a late 20-something as being past her prime, there’s every good reason to start tweaking one’s makeup routine now…” Read more…

The point here is to evaluate how your make-up looks and makes you feels. Considering your age and circumstances it may be in your best interest to have a professional makeup artist take a look and advise you on any appropriate changes.

How to get the right Makeup for a Special Occasion

Makeup example If you are only looking for the special look for a formal occasion well we can help.   A complete makeup application using water resistant airbrush foundation will provide you with a beautiful flawless finish and you will be ready for the big night on the tow. For example, the place to start in designing the right eye makeup for a special occasion is to do a bit of research. We all need inspiration to get those creative ideas flowing.  We can certainly help with that during your makeup session with us.

What Others Say…
Dear Heather:  “My mother and father were married for 51 years, we lost him a little over 2 years ago and this was hard on my mother.  It was important she have her best day…she was thrilled by how beautiful she felt and for that I can never repay you! I loved my make-up and my maid of honor, Julie (who if you remember was hesitant), loved her make-up as well. I will personally recommend you to everyone and anyone who will listen to me!”

What is the look you want to project for that special occasion? Simply, book an appointment with Toolboxmakeup and bring your thoughts, ideas and vision for the special occasion.  We will help turn your event into a really special occasion.

Discover how you can to create your ideal makeup

Toolbox Studio Salon in Cincinnati will provide individualized training and group classes to master your best makeup strategy. manicuring kit and tools

There are real and compelling reasons to take a close look and re-evaluate your makeup regimen.  At, we found a valuable resource on “18 Fashion and Makeup Mistakes That Age You”

“…a shade of makeup that accentuates fine lines and wrinkles. Women don’t always update their fashion and beauty routines as they get older, says Los Angeles-based celebrity makeup artist Jan Ping, but they should; otherwise, the same products and pieces that once worked so well for them could suddenly give away their real age—or worse…” Read the complete article Here.

Special Occasion Makeup

Makeup is not just for the beauty of a special day, it can also be for spooky –scary or silly events as well.  Special FX makeup is something that can completely make the fun costume at Halloween or transform you into a fun character for a fun event. 

makeup for special occasions at

The more you can learn about the makeup and skin care that is most suited for you the quicker you get that “aging thing” under control! There is a tendency to get into a routine and not stop to re-check your makeup process.  This does not mean that what you are doing falls into the “worse” category but a review may be in order. A lesson will include one hour of personal time to discuss your needs and wants with your regime.

Bring in your makeup bag and we will pick out all the items to keep and use and look at possibly a few to remove and change. Then we will apply to create the gorgeous look you want.    Group classes and pricing coming soon.

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