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Quality Manicures and Pedicures in Cincinnati

A professional manicure and pedicure are not only pretty for the hands and feet they can improve the look, texture of the nail and health of the skin and cuticle. At home manicures are always and option but having a professional assist in taking care of your nails and feet is a service that everyone should do from time to time.

manicuring the nails properly

A “manicure” can mean many things; you may use nail polish, shellac (gel & no chip) acrylic, silk and fiberglass wraps and many other fun terms. To manicure is to care for the hands and feet, a treatment to improve the appearance and health of the hands and fingernails. A pedicure is virtually the same just on the feet.   Both can be seasonal or year round and there are benefits to getting them during all seasons, not just the summer.

What is a no-chip manicure or pedicure?

It may be helpful to understand the proper definition for “no-chip” when considering your manicure.

“Between coats of polish, the lacquer is “cured” using a special lamp. After the last coat, the nails are cured, and miraculously, they are perfectly dry. This means no more gingerly reaching into your purse for your keys, no more accidental nicks in your polish putting on your coat – nothing! Just shiny, dry, perfect polish every time.” 

You can read more about no-chip manicures and pedicures at NoChipNailPolish.

At Toolboxmakeup we use LED lighting to help cure your nail polish.  Many salons and spas choose to use UV lighting.  There are indications that the use of UV lighting may cause damage to your skin with repeated use.  This can bring about premature aging. Our LED light curing approach is seen as a safer alternative, green for the environment and has a significantly quicker for curing.

OPI nail polish, CND Shellac and only the best quality products will be used.

OPI manicure polish

Manicured nails are all the rage and for good reasons.  Whether it’s your everyday look or a nail shellac manicure for a special occasion, obtaining a professional manicure can set up your event fashion statement.  Nail shellac or lacquer seems always to be in the news as the latest look goes quickly viral.  Here is an excerpt from OPI.

“If you have been on the internet at all today, chances are you’ve come across chatter about French designer label Balmain’s upcoming collab with fast fashion retailer H&M. This too-hot-to-handle collection has been mounting anticipation for weeks now — ever since the Backstreet Boys nearly upstaged Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid at the line’s runway show!” Read more at OPI  

The most common manicure is a ”no-chip” or some will say Shellac, Gel or Dipped nails. This is a service that allows you to have a polish like product applied to the fingers or toes and it will last for up to 2 weeks or longer. It is a “light” Cured product   used with a UV or LED lamp and is dry when you leave the salon. It is lightweight and has a beautiful high shine. No need to sit under a dryer or fan!   Many will still choose a polish manicure and with the advancement of high quality products they can last 5-7 days if properly cared for.

All Manicures and Pedicures regardless if you are using nail polish or Gel should have a proper manicure prior to application. The manicure will include, nail trim, file to desired shape, light buffing to smooth out rough edges, cuticle care and a thorough cleanse. Then the selected nail lacquer will be applied.

Pedicures – Taking Care of Your Feet

Pedicures are certainly a luxury service however your nail technician has the best view of your feet. A well trained service provider will alert you to potential issues with the skin and nails. My moto with pedicures has always been.. “Take great care of your feet, they carry you everywhere”

proper pedicuring the foot and toe nails

Whether you chose a manicure, pedicure or no chip nail service Toolboxmakeup studio salon in Cincinnati will take the time to care for the health and safety of your hands and feet.

As you consider a professional, high-quality manicure or pedicure, the services we have talked about have evolved from a long history of how women have approached their manicures and pedicures.  Learn more at e-How on this manicure-pedicure history.

Having a beautiful manicure and pedicure is the best finish to any look! 

More on manicures and pedicures here>>Manicure and Pedicure Procedures

appointment toolbox studio salon Cincinnati, ohio




Classic Manicure 23.00
Shellac Manicure 33.00 with removal 
Shellac Manicure 30.00w/o removal
Polish Change (regualr polish) 15.00
Spa Manicure 33.00



Classic Pedicure 40.00
Spa Pedicure 50.00
Polish Change 20.00


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